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December 6 - Julfika

Welcome to a get-together at the Swedish Society of Medicine!

The Swedish Society of Medicine and The Swedish Medical Association invite newly arrived collegues/doctors and fellow doctors/collegues working in Sweden

The get-together and julfika last year was a great success and we will now repeat this event. We invite you all to the get-together on December 6, 2016. The purpose of the meeting is to increase your opportunities to learn more about the process of working as a doctor in Sweden. This is a possibility to meet new colleagues, develop mentorships  and contacts to help and learn more about the Swedish society and health care system.
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The Swedish Medical Association (SMA) is open to all doctors. This pages provides information about what the SMA is and what we can do to help our members. It also contains description of how the labour market and salary formation operate in Sweden.

Licens to practice medicine in Sweden

The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) is the organisation that registers doctors to practice medicine in Sweden. On the following pages you will find information that might be usefull in the process but it is the National Board of Health and Welfare who registers doctors.

The Swedish Medical Association

The Swedish Medical Association is the union and professional organisation for doctors. Patient safety, the work environment, salaries, working hours, training and research are some of the issues that are of great importance for the organisation. The president is Heidi Stensmyren.
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