Specialist medical training

The information on this page applies if you would like to do your specialist training in Sweden or if you would like to have your specialist qualifications from a non EU/EEA country recognised in Sweden. 

If you have  a specialist qualification from another EU/EEA member state, please visit the following site

It is the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) that issues certificates of specialist qualifications. The training period to recieve a specialist qualification in Sweden is 5 years. 

To be allowed to start specialist training (called ST in Sweden), you must hold a Swedish license to practice medicine issued by Socialstyrelsen. Once you are licensed you may apply for ST-positions. You apply to a ST-position like you apply to any other jobb. Click on "Finding a post" on the left for further information. More information about ST, including information about the 63 Swedish medical specialties, go to Socialstyrelsen

Specialist medical training in Sweden if you have a specialist qualification from outside EU/EEA

The general rule is that specialist training (ST) in Sweden should lasts for at least five years. If you have a specialist qualification from a country outside EU/EEA you have to do part of a Swedish ST in order to be able to apply for a specialist qualification. To be allowed to start ST, you must hold a Swedish license to practice medicine.

Specialist training from another country may be included when you apply for a Swedish specialist qualification. This means that 12 months of specialist training in Sweden might be sufficient in order to get your specialist qualification approved, provided that you have good documentation regarding the specialist training from your home country. The lenght of the specialty training in Sweden depends on the opinion of the clinical manager and the mentor you have during your ST. It also depends on the opinion of Socialstyrelsen. 

To include specialist training done in another country in the Swedish specialty training the following criterias has to be fullfilled:  

  • The training abroad needs to be performed as a part of an individual study program.
  • The specality training needs to be supervised.
  • The work needs to be proved by certificates.
  • The work needs to meet certain objective(s) in the Swedish regulations for the medical specialty at issue (assessment of the Swedish clinical manager and the tutor).

For frequently asked questions regarding how specialty training abroad can be included in ST visit Socialstyrelsen

To be allowed to start ST, you must hold a Swedish license to practice medicine issued by Socialstyrelsen. Once you are licensed, apply for a ST position.
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