n8:e IAGG-ER kongressen i Dublin, Irland den 23-23 april 2015.

On behalf of the Irish Gerontological Society and the networks of researchers and educators active across the island of Ireland, Ireland is proud to host the IAGG-ER 2015 Congress in Dublin.  The Irish Gerontological Society is an all-island society (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) and is one of the oldest societies in the world dedicated to research in ageing. It is a strongly interdisciplinary Gerontological society, with all four pillars of gerontology represented in its governance and membership, and a strong belief that progress in making an age-attuned world on a scientific basis lies in ensuring equipoise and mutually respectful relationships between the interlocking pillars of gerontology. This is a position it has promoted in its communications and engagement with the IAGG and IAGG-ER over many years.
This broad and positive approach is reflected in the themes of our specials issues of journal Irish Ageing Studies Review: Creativity and Ageing; Technology and Ageing; Exercise and Ageing; Gerontology Education; Long-Term Care and Income Security and Ageing. Our PhD study days also cover this palette of activities. This activity occurs against a background of a ferment of activity, and major developments, in the last decade in research, education, advocacy and industry across the full spectrum of gerontology in Ireland, including:

These provide a solid foundation for the hosting of an international Congress in gerontology in Ireland, as evidenced by the strong showing of Irish researchers and delegates at the 2010 joint IGS/EUGMS Congress in Dublin. In addition, they provide models for promoting positive ageing, engagement with advocacy, government and industry, and active involvement of older people. For example, a number of Irish counties are leading in the WHO’s Age-friendly Environments Programme, whose Congress was hosted in Dublin in September 2011 www.afc-internationalconference.ie in conjunction with the International Federation on Ageing and the WHO. In the spirit of engaging with all four pillars of gerontology, we have appointed four internationally recognized Irish academic leads to ensure a dynamic European Scientific Subcommittees in each of the pillars of gerontology represented by the Congress. The Congress theme – Unlocking the Demographic Dividend – aims to tap into the growing awareness that gerontological research can help us to understand the collective and personal benefits that we gain from population ageing, a better understanding of the barriers to realizing the full potential of the Demographic Dividend, and the advances in gerontological science which allow these barriers to be overcome in the most effective way possible.

We will illustrate this with a strong narrative of Late Life Creativity through the arts and associated activities of the Congress, as well as within the themes of the Congress symposia and keynote lectures. We are confident that the synergy of the energies, vision and drive of the IGS, the active programmes on ageing in Ireland, and IAGG-ER will lead to a dynamic, productive and groundbreaking Congress in Dublin in 2015.


EUGMS congress in Oslo 16 – 18 September 2015

On behalf of the 11th Congress of the EUGMS, I have the great pleasure and honour of inviting you to the first ever EUGMS congress in Oslo 16 – 18 September 2015.

Norway is not as far away as you think, and thanks to a small but nice city centre, we would like to call the EUGMS in Oslo the “Compact Congress”.

The title of the congress is:  Geriatric medicine for future Europeans – Successful aging creates new challenges.

The program consists of sessions about the healthiest patients, health optimization, prevention as an underused intervention, organization of acute geriatric care in different countries, and tailored drug treatment. Other central topics will be integrated care for elderly people such as pre-post and perioperative care in orthogeriatrics, cancer and cardiac surgery. New discoveries in dementia are of course part of the program. The rest of the program will cover main topics in geriatric medicine.

We hope you will join us in Oslo, and as the host of the EUGMS Congress we will make every effort to ensure a memorable congress for you. Not only because of an exciting program, but also by “braking the ice” between participants from many, if not all European countries, in order to improve the evidence based treatment of our patients.


IAGG's World Congress 2017, 

July 23-27, 2017 San Francisco, California USA.  

The theme of this future milestons will be "Global Aging and Health: Bridging Science, Policy and Practice".

As member of IAGG's North American Region, the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) presented a bid to host IAGG's 21st World Congress in San Francisco, USA for 2017. The Council voted unanimously in favour of this candidacy in view of GSA's long experience in organizing major events and of the city's important conference facilities. The theme of this future milestons will be "Global Aging and Health: Bridging Science, Policy and Practice". 

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